Tree Farm Books

"Burton Hersh digs into the deepest recesses of the clandestine world to write a thoroughly engrossing saga of mischief-making of a high order."
Daniel Schorr.
Cultural commentator

"This is a profoundly disturbing political thriller, revealing the hidden forces that run our country and govern our lives, with a villain as purely evil as Popeye in Faulkner's The Sound and the Fury. Burton Hersh has written a cluster-bomb of a book."
Ted Morgan, biographer;
Pulitzer prizewinner

"The dark world of the CIA, so brilliantly exposed by Burton Hersh in his nonfiction tour-de-force, The Old Boys, serves well as the background of his new novel. The mature and witty love story in The Nature of the Beast only intensifies its terrifying depiction of sheer evil. Hersh's book, with its smashing climax, is a thriller of the first order."
Peter Meinke, poet;
winner of Flannery O'Connor Prize, short fiction

"...a gripping literary thriller with...a variety of characters so vivid they seem to jump off the page into the room with you...."
Charles Gaines, essayist & novelist:
Stay Hungry, Pumping Iron, Dangler

"Only a great writer can write of evil brilliantly, and realistically, and convincingly. Burton Hersh is a great writer. This is a brilliant novel."
James Landis, editor; novelist;
winner of 3-year award, American Academy of Arts & Letters

"Burton Hersh takes the reader to places of darkness that no author has dared to go before in a novel worthy of John LeCarre."
Larry Leamer, biographer:
The Kennedy Women; the Kennedy Men