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"Utterly enthralling and absorbing...It's been a long time since I've read a work that conveys so much new and profoundly significant information...The character portrayals are superb [and] the Wisner sections alone make this book necessary reading for anyone who wants to understand the direction our intelligence service has taken since World War II. What comes before — the slow spreading of the tendrils from Versailles — illuminates in a horrific but unforgettable way the subterranean connection between Wall Street and Hitler. This was all news to me, and startling news it was."
Joe McGinnis, author of Fatal Vision

"I am pretty familiar with the literature of the CIA and none of it comes close to achieving the depth and richness of this account of those years. This is an important book, not just about intelligence, but about the United States as well."
Tom Powers, author of The Man Who Kept the Secrets

"In The Old Boys, Burton Hersh has found the perfect subject for his splendid gifts as masterful writer, brilliant thinker and fine historian."
Doris Kearns Goodwin, Pulitzer Prize Historian

"Burton Hersh has brought to life the dark and secret world of American intelligence in its formulative years. It is a breathtaking comprehensive piece of research and a miracle of lucid writing. This must be the ultimate study of the men who laid the foundation for the American intelligence community as we know it today."
Daniel Schorr, Senior Political Analyst for NPR

"Very important history and wonderful reading."
Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., Dean of American Historians

"I did enjoy The Old amusing mirror of our own 'church and spy' establishment here."
John Le Carre, Author, The Spy Who Came In From The Cold, etc.

"...a body of work on the CIA and its Cold War glory days that, many historians say, is as complete as there is."
The Boston Sunday Globe

"Burton Hersh's bold and passionate book...can help us begin to understand what has happened to America through the years of the Cold War...."
James Carroll, The Los Angeles Times

"...sprawling, elegantly written...a stylish indictment of the 'fellowship of intelligence pioneers'...."
Publishers Weekly

Thomas Powers, The New York Review of Books